Pirana Modules

Pirana is a simple, affordable and fully integrated CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) that is scalable to suit the smallest organisation to the largest multi-site corporation.  Start with the Maintenance module and add in whatever extra modules your business needs to start enjoying increased equipment up-time today!

Maintenance Module

The primary module and your starting point with Pirana CMMS. This module allows you to get the basics of effective maintenance management up and running including asset registration, parts catalogue, work scheduling and meter readings. As this is the most important of the modules there are two companion mobile add-ons available to help your business maintain its operations on the move, Maintenance Basic Mobile and Maintenance Mobile Pro.

Maintenance Mobile Basic

An add-on to the Maintenance module which is a cost-effective way to liberate your team by allowing them to view, progress, schedule and sign-off Work Orders on their mobile device. This module makes it easy to record start and finish times and capture ad hoc jobs on the move. This module requires users to be on-line with a live data connection.

Maintenance Mobile PRO

Powerful functionality that builds on the Maintenance module and allows your team to view and manage their Work Orders and Meter readings whilst on the move. If users don’t have a data connection where they are working this module allows them to work offline and sync their data when back in the office.

workrequesterWork Requester Module

If your maintenance department is overwhelmed by emails, phone calls and other kinds of correspondence from people in your organisation then Work Requester is for you. This module allows anyone in your organisation to submit and track requests for action against Assets, Contacts, Clients and Locations. Requesters can monitor the status of their submissions and any updates through the system.  Read more

materialsMaterials Management Module

Designed to facilitate the management of stock. This module enables you to specify your stock items and organise, monitor and control their movement at each stage of the receipt / storage / issue and return cycle. The system provides you with the means to maintain quality compliance of your stock throughout the cycle. Off-line functionality is provided for use with mobiles by the Materials Mobile PRO module.    Read more

Materials PRO module iconMaterials Mobile PRO

This companion mobile module to Materials Management, helps you manage your stock on the move using a huge variety of devices. This module reduces the hassle of stocktakes by reducing data input errors. If users don’t have a data connection where they are when managing your stock this module allows them to work offline and sync their data when back in the office. Read more

Mobile Pro iconAsset Data Collector Module

Quick, precise and ‘on-the-spot’ Asset and Location registration, data collection and labelling. A must for any business that has Assets that need maintaining or tracking and move around frequently, for example hospital beds. This module is available for use on mobiles only and can be used on-line or off-line. Read more

kpisKPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Module

Informative reports & information at a glance with on-screen displays and easy drill down. Specify your own targets and monitor trends and statistics. Read more

Purchasing module iconPurchasing Module

Facilitates both internal requisitions and external purchase orders placed with a supplier. The system maintains a full history of purchases which may be analysed to give information on suppliers, prices and the breakdown of costs.   Read more

Location security module iconLocation Security Module

Manages the locations that your users can access. This is ideal for a firm with multiple sites who only want tradesmen to see Assets on their site. Location Security provides the virtual padlocks to keep them out of a site or even part of a site. Read more