No nonsense support

A CMMS is not a management silver bullet; it’s an information tool. As with any tool, it’s only as good as the individual using it – in unskilled hands it will not satisfy expectations. Maintenance management is an evolutionary process, so take care. As you get going on the journey, you need to be confident that you’re not going to be hindered down the line with a CMMS supplier that won’t talk to you or a dead-duck system you will regret choosing.

That’s why we do everything we can to ensure you and your organisation are supported for as long as you have our software and if you want to take us up on it, trained on how to put it to best use. When it comes down to it, it is in our interests to see you succeed in getting the most out of your Pirana CMMS – we want happy customers.

Support with a capital ‘S’

We are here to answer phone calls and emails with your queries and if you require we can provide on site support.

We find that using Microsoft Teams  can be a fantastic tool to help us work together remotely should an on site visit not be viable for any reason. There are two ways in which Microsoft Teams can help:

  1. We can watch you using Pirana and offer advice on whether there are opportunities for you to get more out of the system.
  2. You can see us using Pirana and pick up some best practice tips on how to Pirana working harder for you

More than just software support

Shire Systems South Pacific has been working with organisations in New Zealand and Australia since 1989. During that time we have seen our CMMS software used in just about every way possible. We’ve been party to some organisations completely transforming their maintenance management practices and using our CMMS software as a driving force.

Our support is not just about showing you what buttons to click on the screen. We also aim to transfer the benefit of our significant experience to you to inspire you as to how your business processes and practices can be integrated with Pirana for ultimate gains. We want you to succeed in getting the most out of Pirana.

Support for life, not just Christmas

We endeavour to visit all our sites in New Zealand and Australia at least  yearly – free of charge – to keep in touch. This is always a great chance to discuss how your business is changing as we know no successful business stands still for long. We can help you take advantage of different features, new or old, that can get Pirana working harder for you and ultimately streamline your maintenance management approaches.