CMMS implementations fail for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest causes that we hear about time and time again is that users don’t understand the features they have and how they should use them. They say the system doesn’t do what they need it to, it’s a dog.

Pirana is an easy to use, intuitive and feature rich system. But even still if you have business processes that the system isn’t configured to work with or staff that aren’t consistent in the way they use the system, it is unlikely to meet your organisation’s expectations. Training will help you avoid these pitfalls.

The dangers of learning by trial and error

When we learn anything though trial and error the process is often slow, time consuming and generally frustrating even with comprehensive and user friendly manuals.

The heroic ‘learning through experience’ approach is inefficient and a waste of your team’s precious time and your organisation’s resources. More seriously, any lack of understanding about what’s required will result in a poorly configured system that doesn’t satisfy your organisation’s real needs.

Speed up the learning process and system pay-back

There are so many smart ways to set up your Pirana data and learning them up front through training will save you countless hours, avoiding avoid wasted time, unnecessary mistakes and stress.

You can achieve a working system within days and weeks rather than months or years or never and start enjoying a handsome pay back through early and ongoing gains in operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Opportunities to improve business processes and cut costs through challenge

We are acutely aware that course participants are predominantly interested in learning how to use the system to get their own jobs done more easily. But merely replicating current practice does not necessarily mean that users will gain the best benefit from Pirana.

During training we challenge you to consider improvement in your maintenance processes through demonstrating practices or features that you can take advantage of from day one. Being more knowledgeable and skilful with greater awareness of the potential opportunities will increase your operational performance and bring about the outcomes you and your organisation want.

Sharing best practice

Shire has been developing software since 1982 and in that time we have worked with countless organisations to find solutions to the same problems you have. Our training shares the best practice we have come across to help you streamline your maintenance processes.

Tailored learning

At Shire we understand that adult learning can be a daunting prospect. We know that every person is unique and learns at their own pace and in their own way. Our courses involve a variety user paced learning methods, including hands on training exercises to achieve user competence for everyone.

Don’t confuse training with support

We try and share as much knowledge as we can with our no nonsense support but you should not equate support as meaning training.

Training is for life, not just Christmas

Training is not a once only opportunity. It is an on-going opportunity to further refine your maintenance practices. Furthermore after system implementation, if you only train new users by sitting them next to Tom, Dick or Harry you risk perpetuating bad habits and poor working practices.

So what are you waiting for? See you at training!