Shire Systems South Pacific is an independent reseller of software providing sales, training and support exclusively for Elecosoft ShireSystem since 1989 in New Zealand and Australia.

Elecosoft ShireSystem is based in Southampton, UK and have been offering CMMS solutions since 1982. They are the UK’s No. 1 supplier of maintenance and facilities software and over 10,000 organisations worldwide now rely on Shire software.

Shire Systems Ltd history

Shire’s original mission in 1982 was to trail blaze the development of business software for use with DOS-based personal computers. Working with blue chip manufacturers soon led them to develop commercial off the shelf software for managing asset maintenance, including the purchasing and management of spare parts and materials. That system suite was called FrontLine.

In 1990 another application was launched, Safety 1st, in response to the introduction of new regulations under the United Kingdom’s Health and Safety at Work Act. This enabled paperless control of portable electrical appliance testing (PAT) and other regulatory safety checks on workplace equipment. This was another pioneering ‘first to market’ innovation for our company.

Shire’s contribution to business was recognised in 1992 with the award of the UK Electrical Industry’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ accolade.

A second generation of software was launched in 1998. These products preserved the popular features that were the strength of the first generation, but were completely redesigned to take full advantage of the Microsoft Windows operating system and introduce even greater functionality.

Since 2000, we have supported our clients’ continuing quest for higher productivity in the workplace by developing a range of mobile computer applications for deployment on low cost handheld PDAs.

Shire re-engineered its software products using Microsoft.Net technology. Shire’s Pirana CMMS serves both small and large enterprises – it is universally applicable and scalable and can be configured in different languages and time-zones.

Shire attained the BS EN ISO 9001:1994 quality standard accreditation in 2001. In 2002 Shire was among the very first organisations to receive accreditation in terms of the updated, process-based standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000.

Shire achieved Microsoft Partnership status in 2005 and became a Microsoft Gold Partner in 2007. As the UK’s No 1 producer of Computerised Maintenance Management Systems, you can be assured of Shire’s capability and dependability.

More recently, ShireSystem was acquired by Elecosoft and Pirana CMMS is now known as ShireSystem CMMS.