KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) Module

KPIs module iconInformative reports & information at a glance with on-screen displays and easy drill down. Specify your own targets and monitor trends and statistics.

Key features

See all your KPIs in the scoreboard

Click to enlarge – see all your KPIs in the scoreboard

  • Targets: set and manage your own targets.
  • Security: data is presented in accordance with a user’s location security settings.
  • Comparisions: see how different Assets, Locations or Contacts measure up against each other.
  • Reports: view easy to print summaries of your KPIs.

What can the KPIs module do to help my business?

  • Make performance reporting to your bosses or to other departments as simple as a click of a button.
  • KPI assessments often lead to the identification of potential improvements saving your business time and money.
  • Pirana allows you to view the data over a long period of time to see how well an area of business is performing or a short period to determine how a specific campaign has performed.

All functions and features

View data over the time period you choose

Click to enlarge – view data over the time period you choose

  • Start with a fixed list of 15 KPIs or add your own
  • Grids hold lists of KPIs showing the latest movement
  • Gauges make use of traffic-light colours to show statuses
  • Group KPIs
  • Set target limits
  • Print KPIs