Location security module iconManages the locations that your users can access. For example if you’re a firm that operates across five sites (locations) but you only want the tradesmen to see the assets on their site. Location Security provides the padlocks to keep them out of a site or even part of a site.

Key features

Manage the locations your staff have permission to view

Click to enlarge – manage the locations your staff have permission to view

  • Location filter: set on all data viewed by a user.
  • Exclude Locations: for a user who needs access to most but not all of the system.
  • Customisable: locations can be Sites or Buildings within a site.

What can the Locations Security module do to help my business?

  • Avoid sensitive information getting into the wrong hands by ensuring only staff with the right authority have permission to view it.

All functions and features

  • Location filter
  • Exclude or include locations
  • Define your location scope