Materials Management module iconDesigned to facilitate the management of stock. This module enables you to specify your stock items and organise, monitor and control their movement at each stage of the receipt / storage / issue and return cycle. The system provides you with the means to maintain quality compliance of your stock throughout the cycle. Off-line functionality is provided for use with mobiles by the Materials Mobile PRO module.

Key Features

Manage your parts using Pirana

Click to enlarge – manage your parts using Pirana

  • Parts catalogue:  technical specification and detailed multi-supplier information.
  • Multiple store locations: set up and keep your stock in any number of subsidiary stores.
  • Work orders: stock items can belong to both the asset and materials registers and become subject to work orders.
  • Stocktakes: control your periodic or rolling stocktake.
  • Parts management: manage serialised and perishable items whilst also maintaining stock belonging to the Supplier until issue.
  • Reporting: a wealth of detailed and summary reports.

How can the Materials Management module help my business?

  • Maintain quality compliance of your stock throughout the cycle.
  • Never run out of spare parts again by using in conjunction with Pirana Purchasing Management to facilitate automatic reordering.
  • Keep on top of the Health and Safety of your staff by easily attaching a Hazardous / COSHH warning & related hazard information to stock items.

All functions and features

Use Pirana to manage and record your stocktakes

Click to enlarge – use Pirana to manage and record your stocktakes

  • Work Order Management
  • Asset Register
  • Parts catalogue – technical specification and detailed multi-supplier information
  • Full location security can be applied allowing users to view stores only in accordance with their permissions.
  • When ordering it is easy to source from multiple suppliers, using their currency.
  • Issue Parts
  • Issue to Assets (with Pirana Maintenance Management)
  • Issue to a ‘breakdown’, creating a work order (with Pirana Maintenance Management)
  • Receive, return & transfer
  • Adjust part quantities
  • Write-off
  • Stocktake
  • Suppliers directory
  • Monitor Parts due for reorder
  • View Parts for planned work
  • A wealth of detailed & summary parts reports
  • Stock movement & valuation reports
  • Pareto analysis & parts usage reports