Purchasing module iconFacilitates both internal requisitions and external purchase orders placed with a supplier. The system maintains a full history of purchases which may be analysed to give information on suppliers, prices and the breakdown of costs.

Key Features

Manage your invoices with Pirana

Click to enlarge – manage your invoices with Pirana

  • Full order lifecycle: comprehensive purchase order statuses and order types.
  • Orders and spend approval: set up limits of authority for purchase approvers.
  • Supplier requests: multi-supplier quotation requests.
  • Non-stock purchases: order items not kept in the stock register.
  • Automatic re-ordering: generate stock replenishment orders automatically when running in conjunction with Pirana Stock & Inventory.
  • Full s full supplier related actions and details including multiple currencies.
  • Reporting: including non-reconciliation, unpaid and uninvoiced orders.

How can the Purchasing module help my business?

  • Govern your maintenance expenditure by assigning authority limits to your users and allocating purchase costs to your cost centres.
  • Minimise your organisation’s downtime through Pirana’s automatic re-ordering system.
  • Keep your cash flow under control through Pirana’s just-in-time ordering features.
  • Make the best purchasing decisions possible by analysing the full history of purchases to give useful information on suppliers, prices, and the breakdown of costs.

All functions and features

Pirana can automatically reorder any parts when your stocks run low

Click to enlarge – Pirana can automatically reorder any parts when your stocks run low

  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Requests
  • Quotations Requests
  • Receipts
  • Returns
  • Invoicing
  • Credit Notes
  • Invoice Checking
  • Credit Note Checking
  • Automatic Reordering
  • Email notifications
  • Export reports to Excel™