Work requester module iconIf your maintenance department is overwhelmed by emails, phone calls and other kinds of correspondence from people in your organisation then Work Requester is for you. This module allows anyone in your organisation to submit and track requests for action against Assets, Contacts, Clients and Locations. Requesters can monitor the status of their submissions and any updates through the system.

Key features

Manage your work requests

Click to enlarge – manage your work requests

  • Simplicity: quick entry of of ‘who, where, what’ information.
  • Scheduling: set when requests will be dealt with by your department.
  • Workflow: request information is carried through to an approved Work Order.
  • ‘Claim’ function: allows the bypassing of the usual approval process.
  • Reporting: facilitates breakdown reporting.

What can the Work Requester module do to help my business?

  • Work Requester helps you cut down on correspondence, manage the expectations of others and remain in control as Requesters can monitor when you plan to carry out the maintenance work they have requested through the system.
  • Requests can be claimed by your team reducing the amount of management of work needed.
  • This module represents a distributed method of handling arising work, rather than a centralised or helpdesk approach.
  • A simple and quick way for people to create a valid request will save your staff time and your business money.
  • Get value for money as Pirana Work Requester carries an unlimited-user license.  This means you can give all the staff in your organisation the ability to raise Work Requests at no additional cost.

All functions and features

Sign-off work orders

Click to enlarge – sign-off work orders

  • View who the Requester is
  • Customise how Requesters describe the problem using drop downs or more in depth using text fields
  • Set your own categories of work types such as breakdown, corrective etc.
  • Requests can be claimed by your team
  • Sort requests by status