Maintenance mobile basic module iconAn add-on to the Maintenance module which is a cost-effective way to liberate your team by allowing them to view, progress, schedule and sign-off Work Orders on their mobile device. This module makes it easy to record start and finish times and capture ad hoc jobs on the move. This module requires users to be on-line with a live data connection.

Maintenance PRO provides functionality for those who need to use the Maintenance module in offline mode and sync data later with a data connection.

Key features

Maintenance Mobile Basic module screenshot

Click to enlarge – manage your workorders on the move

  • Pin number access: simply setup users, issue them with a pin number and then your workforce is ready to process Work Orders on the move.
  • Effective sort and filter: it’s simple to view your own Job List and Task Instructions as well as those of other team members.
  • Full security: users can readily access Work Orders in line with the security settings you put in place.
  • Workflow: Pirana Mobile enables users to sign-off Work orders as ‘Not Done’ or to put ‘On Hold’. It’s even possible to ‘claim’ unassigned Work Requests and Work Orders, bypassing the approval process.

What can the Mobile module do to help my business?

  • Cost reductions are instant as staff save on travel, admin, printing and phone call charges.
  • Pirana Mobile can truly empower your team to work more efficiently and effectively without all of the admin overheads.

All functions and features

  • Create a Real-time Work Order
  • View Work Order Detail
  • View Job Lists
  • View Task Instructions
  • Schedule Work Order
  • Progress Work Order
  • Sign-off Work Order
  • Sign-off Not Done
  • Put Work Order On Hold
  • Easily ‘Claim’ Work Orders
  • View Work Order History
  • View Safety Notes
  • Add Meter Readings
  • View Location Addresses