Maintenance module iconThe primary module and your starting point with Pirana CMMS. This module allows you to get the basics of effective maintenance management up and running including asset registration, parts catalogue, work scheduling and meter readings. As this is the most important of the modules there are two companion mobile add-ons available to help your business maintain its operations on the move, Maintenance Basic Mobile and Maintenance Mobile Pro.

Key features

Manage assets using Pirana's maintenance module

Click to enlarge – manage your assets and relating work at the click of a button

  • Asset management: record your assets, their location and condition.
  • Work scheduling: manage PM, corrective and other work all in one place.
  • Meters: store, request and view readings.
  • Reporting: dashboard and scoreboard display of key information, enjoy information at a glance.

What can the Maintenance module do to help my business?

  • Be confident you are complying with legislation by ensuring your assets are regularly maintained.
  • Reduce your operating costs and risks, the greatest opportunity for reductions are in the area of asset care and repair in those organisations concerned with production, building and infrastructure management.
  • Pirana provides asset maintenance management that truly focuses on the needs of your business through unparalled information management.

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All functions and features

Store and request meter readings using Pirana

Click to enlarge – store and request meter readings using Pirana

  • Asset register
  • Asset locations tree view
  • Asset assembly hierarchy
  • Online work requester
  • Full PM, corrective and ad hoc task support
  • Fault types, modes and causes
  • Usage-based maintenance
  • Meter readings
  • Document and File Management – text, photos, drawings, video, voice
  • Automatic alerts and reminders
  • Auto-print of documents with Work Orders
  • Powerful reports including: work statistics, response time, time to repair, MTBF and more.
  • Performance measures and Scoreboard KPIs
  • Advanced search & filtering
  • Context sensitive help
  • Configurable access permissions
  • Scalable – one to 1000 users